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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France


Rozenn Hamoniau, english speaking photographerHello! I’m Rozenn (or Roz), lifestyle Photographer, dedicated to families seeking more authenticity. Here I’m telling you a few words about myself so you can get to know me a bit better.

In a nutshell I’d say (or people say about me!) I’m gentle, smiling, a bit introverted at first, friendly and natural. I aspire to more authenticity in my professional life as much as my personal life. It is a value that I truly try to convey during our photo-shoots together.

The little things I love in life

To say that I’m passionate about photography is quite obvious! Apart from this beautiful passion, there are those little things of life that I love, that make me smile whatever happens: read a good book while drinking a large cup of tea, make up new dishes, be lost in nature, listen to kids laughing, share a good meal, travel and discover new places, new cultures, different ways of living.

My background

Born and bred in Brittany, I am now settled in the pretty village of Mondavezan, in Occitanie (South West France). I’m enjoying a lovely climate and superb landscapes and views of the Pyrenees mountains. Before living here, life fist took me to England, where I lived for 5 years and where I fell in love with British culture (and with my partner!). During those years, London was also a real inspiration for me in terms of street and urban photography.

Then I quit everything to go to the large and wild lands of Australia, a country that gave me so much in so many ways. It’s also over there that I turned my passion for photography into a professional activity: by having family photo-shoots and weddings on the beach – quite a lovely location to start with 😉

After two full and beautiful years, I traveled to New-Zealand where I also closely worked with small and local businesses to create images in line with their branding.

Now it’s your turn to tell me a bit about yourself and your photo project, send me a message!

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