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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France

Elegant wedding in Auch: Katheline & Manu

Reportage mariage Auch - Portrait des mariés - Photographe mariage Gers

Her, tall blond with danish origins, and him, handsome and reserved man. They’re both beautiful, they both have lots of class and charisma, they both have a happy spark in their eyes and a contagious smile. To sum it up, they’re stunning 😉 Here are Katheline and Emmanuel! View All Photos

Nature and rock’n’roll wedding of Lucile & Mathieu

Reportage mariage Haute-Garonne - mariés derrière porte d'étable - Photographe mariage

It was already last summer, it was simple, nature, colourful and rock’n’roll! To celebrate their paper wedding anniversary, here are a few images from the wedding of Lucile and Mathieu, that took place in Léguevin and Brignemont, near Toulouse.

They started off with the arrival of the bride to the town hall in a beautiful green mini, and the tone was set: a simple, colourful and distinctive wedding. View All Photos

Packaging for your usb key and prints

Nouveau packaging photographe cle usb tirages - Photographe Toulouse

After your photo-shoot, you receive your images in digital format on a lovely usb key. Since last year, you also receive a selection of prints of your favourite images. To be able to fit in those prints with your usb key, my packaging has evolved: it’s still the same kind of kraft box, that I decorate and personalise myself, in a larger version to fit in the prints. Here are a few images and some more info to give you a better idea of what you’re going to receive 🙂 View All Photos