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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France

COVID-19 information

Information 18/05/2020

Photo sessions will resume on June 1st. In order to protect you (and myself), the following measures will be applied:
– I will be equipped with a mask and a hydro-alcoholic gel
– I’ll keep a distance of at least one meter
– For sessions with newborns or toddlers, parents will be responsible for positioning their children.
I continue to recommend outdoor sessions, rather than indoor sessions.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Information 01/04/2020

During this lockdown time related to COVID-19, I am not in a position to book specific dates for your photo-shoots.
For the moment, photo sessions scheduled for April are postponed to a later date, to be determined together based on the lockdown end date. Sessions planned for May are for the moment kept.

Gift cards are still available for purchase and of course I am available for all your enquiries.

As far as I am concerned, I am making the best of this time to better observe nature in the garden, which is starting to blossom in this early spring, with or without the camera. And it is also the occasion to do what I usually don’t have time to do: practice yoga a bit more, start practicing watercolor, read again and again… I wish you to find the little things that make this lockdown tolerable, or even very pleasant 🙂

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