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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France

Kids Photography

Do you fancy natural and spontaneous portraits of your kids? Do you want to capture their unique moments, their games, laughs, joys, everything that’s part of their childhood life?

As a child photographer in the area of Toulouse, Muret and Saint-Gaudens, I do photo sessions in natural light, on the location of your choice, often outdoors. With games and personalised interactions, we will capture your children’s personalities, natural expressions, authentic movements. All of it in a very simple way.
The result will be a beautiful collection of portraits of your kids, to keep preciously and to look through in the years to come.

For a special occasion, such as a baptism, a birthday party or a cake smash, I can photograph your family event with a lot of discretion and spontaneity.

You will see examples of children photo-shoots in the articles below.
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