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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France

Travel Photography

Some examples of my travel pictures. They are the images I shoot when I travel but also the everyday pictures I take around me. As I have lived and worked in different places abroad, I have quite a large collection of travel pictures, especially of Australia and New Zealand. I also like to share the images I have taken since I have settled in the South West of France.

A walk in Saint-Gaudens

Photo of the French town of Saint-Gaudens - cloister - Saint-Gaudens Photographer

I had stopped a few times in Saint-Gaudens, without really taking the time to discover the city centre. That was my loss! I’ve recently spent a day in this town, just to relax and wander around, taking pictures of what attracted my eyes View All Photos

Two Rivers Run Through It

Photo of the French town of Saint-Girons - Buildings and river - Saint-Girons Photographer

After driving a beautiful road with views of the Pyrénées, we arrived in the town of Saint-Girons. First thing we noticed was the two rivers, the Salat river and the Lez river, that run through town and meet in its centre. View All Photos

Settling in Mondavezan

rozimages - travel photography - view of mountains behind foggy valley - Mondavezan, France

I’ve been living in Mondavezan (near Cazères) for over a month now and I love it more and more. I’ve had itchy feet these last years and have traveled a lot. When I see the view out of this place, I sometimes wonder why I went that far to find beauty… View All Photos

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