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Photographer near Toulouse in South-West France

Arts and Fire Show

rozimages - photographie d'évènement - Salon des Arts et du Feu 2015 - céramique blanche - Martres-Tolosane, France

I had heard so much about the Art and Fire Show (‘Salon des Arts et du Feu’ in French) of Martres-Tolosane that I couldn’t wait to be there. The town is known for its faience potters, but for the event other craftspeople from the area got together View All Photos

Settling in Mondavezan

rozimages - travel photography - view of mountains behind foggy valley - Mondavezan, France

I’ve been living in Mondavezan (near Cazères) for over a month now and I love it more and more. I’ve had itchy feet these last years and have traveled a lot. When I see the view out of this place, I sometimes wonder why I went that far to find beauty… View All Photos

Couple session – Olivia and Tristan

Séance couple en Bretagne - femme sur le dos de son amoureux - Photographe de couple

Here are a few pictures from the couple session done with Olivia and Tristan in the Breton countryside. It was a sunny afternoon early spring, at that time when trees are still bare but when we see the first buds of the year and when grass becomes vivid green. That time when nature works its magic again. View All Photos

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