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Questions and answers

This is a space for questions/answers posts, covering different subjects such as the way I work, my photography style, the equipment I use or my marketing strategy. Everyone is welcome to comment each post or suggest a new topic for a future blog post.

Packaging for your usb key and prints

Nouveau packaging photographe cle usb tirages - Photographe Toulouse

After your photo-shoot, you receive your images in digital format on a lovely usb key. Since last year, you also receive a selection of prints of your favourite images. To be able to fit in those prints with your usb key, my packaging has evolved: it’s still the same kind of kraft box, that I decorate and personalise myself, in a larger version to fit in the prints. Here are a few images and some more info to give you a better idea of what you’re going to receive 🙂 View All Photos

Valentine’s day gift idea

Séance couple - idée cadeau Saint Valentin - Photographe couple

In need of an idea for Valentine’s day this year? Go for the experience of a couple photo session!!

Here is a beautiful gift idea: a a moment with your sweetheart and some photos that show your complicity and your emotions for one another. View All Photos

When are my next mini-sessions?

This year, I have planned my mini-sessions during the autumn school holidays: on Thurdsay 2nd and Friday 3rd November, in Mondavezan and Toulouse.

Whether you are a family or a couple, come and book your mini-session as soon as possible to take advantage of the available slots. For those who don’t know my mini-sessions yet, it’s the perfect way to create beautiful and authentic portraits of your family or couple… and to start planning for the Christmas presents to come! View All Photos

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